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In our culture there may be many threats to health; Nikki believes that the most pressing of these is the pervasive belief that we are our minds. The mind is a wonderful tool, but it is not who you are. The mind is incapable of love and acceptance and therefore incapable of experiencing peace and joy. As long as a person believes that they are their mind they will be in a constant state of self-created stress.

It is Nikki’s mission to help each client access their true selves. The true self is already completely whole, loved and accepted. It is only through the perception, of the mind, that one can believe they are incomplete, unlovable or unworthy. Acupuncture is a powerful and effortless way to access deeper parts of ourselves which may have been buried or forgotten. Once you remember who you really are life becomes a whole lot easier.

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Nikki Minges is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) in the State of Colorado.  She holds a Master's of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM), and is a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (Dipl. O.M.) with the NCCAOM.  To become a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine one must pass comprehensive board examinations for both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  She has also completed a 500 hour certification in Five Element Acupuncture with Judi Terrill LAc.


"I have seen Nikki for about 3 months now and the changes I have experienced in my life are amazing. She is a warm, caring professional who works with you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Seeing her for acupuncture is one of the best things I have done for myself." - Ann

"Nikki is a very gifted, kind, compassionate individual who takes the time to truly "see" and know her clients. She works from a place that is divinely inspired and is always in a reciprocal relationship with her client. Nikki also has an excellent sense of humor which is definitely needed for healing to occur. For anyone who has been afraid to try acupuncture; I would suggest you give Nikki a call and experience this wonderful healing art from one who has much personal and professional experience." - Mary Ann

"I was going through some life changes a couple years ago and was feeling lots of anxiety. A friend recommended Nikki and I have been going regularly ever since. I always feel safe and comfortable and leave feeling like I was genuinely cared for. I recommend Nikki to all my friends!" - Tabitha

"I've seen Nikki several times for acupuncture and each time, I've left feeling MUCH better physically and emotionally. She really takes the time to ask thoughtful questions and listens to my concerns so she can make treatment decisions based on our discussions. She is very insightful and makes astute observations. I've learned more about myself in my discussions with her than I ever did in other types of therapy! She has a calming, caring demeanor and is very skilled at what she does." - Lee